Termite Control Hyderabad

Termite Control Hyderabad

Termite Control Hyderabad: Termites are small pests. So they have physical portions and six legs. They may also have wings. But we don’t care about their appearance. We know that they are insects, and we need to get rid of them.

Identifying termites

Termites look like ants. But you can see the difference between both. Here’s how to identify a termite.

  1. Ants’ front wings are longer than their back wings.
  2. Termites are not very big. They are small because they have large groups.
  3. Termites are winged pests living in colonies. They like to eat wood and plants.

Don’t let termites damage your furniture. Contact us at the first sign of a termite for the Best termite treatment Hyderabad.

  1. If you see detached wings.
  2. Seeing mud tubes is a sign that you have termites.
  3. Termites eat wood. So if you see damaged furniture. It is a sign of the termite plague.
  4. Unequal paint can be a sign of termites.
  5. Since termites eat wood. Their droppings look wooden too. If you find small balls in your house or garden. Then it can be a termite plague.

Termites are not poisonous. They do not harm us. But they damage the wood. That costs us a lot. If you see termites in your house. Please don’t remove them yourself. They will go somewhere else in your house. Call us, and we will kill them safely.

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